Sheila Hambrick, Kenny Wamble, Steve Hambrick and Davy Dyer combine their individual talents for an anointed sound that will capture your full attention.  Sheila's keyboard and vocal style, which was formed from her classical and gospel roots, combines uniquely with Kenny's gulf coast mix of country and blues lead guitar.  The band is rounded out nicely with a solid, understated accompaniment on drums by Sheila's brother and lifetime music partner, Steve Hambrick - and polished off by the talent and experience of bass player Davy Dyer, whose music roots are found in country and blues.

The cumulative years of experience are evident as BROKEN YOKES leads congregations into worship of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Each member of the band believes that God has anointed them to work together at this time, for the purpose of ushering folks into God's presence as He is worshiped.  They are a blessing each Sunday morning to the congregation of a Tulsa church, and also play often in other venues, including many of Oklahoma's prisons.

They seek, they covet and they play under The Anointing.

 Sheila Hambrick

“My passion is to bring people to a place of worship with my music. Sure, I want it to be entertaining - but the entertainment factor takes a back seat to the message of my music.  I began playing the piano at age 4, and have been involved with music ever since.  The most significant musical experience lasted for over 35 years, as I traveled, played and sang with my beautiful family, The Hambricks, who served under the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit.  With the leadership of my Dad and Mom (Joe and Bonnie Hambrick), I learned how to be serious about the ministry - I learned the importance of the anointing - and I learned how to be dedicated, responsible and committed to Kingdom Work. I love my heritage and my calling and I am honored to serve."

Kenny Wamble

“Over the last 30 years I’ve played in what seems like, every smoke-filled honky tonk and rodeo cook-off from Houston to San Antonio to Austin and every small town in between. That was a chapter in my life that was filled with a lot of great memories and great friends but was also filled with witnessing a lot of broken relationships, suffering, heartache and all the other destruction that goes with that lifestyle. The fact that I survived those days is a true testament that the Lord had a much greater use of the musical gift He blessed me with.  I have truly been blessed throughout my life and the blessings continue as I am privileged to play praise and worship music with a very talented singer and keyboard player like Sheila and two wonderful musicians like Steve and Davy.   I really believe that those former years were a training ground for what the Lord had planned for me all along.  I feel that He has brought me to this point in time to serve a special congregation:  a congregation full of people who have risen from addiction and pain; a congregation that is not condemned when they fall down, but simply accepted and forgiven when they get back up and continue their walk in faith with Christ.  They Are Free.  I Am Free.” 
Davy Dyer
I began playing in clubs as a teen throughout northeastern Oklahoma, where I learned to drink and use stimulants.  That lifestyle continued into my early 20’s.  Over the next 20 years, my life spiraled out of control , I nearly died more than once, and was arrested numerous times.  At age 40, I was sentenced to Drug Court and managed to stay drug-free for only 90 days.  After the death of my dad, I became completely consumed by methamphetamine.  I managed to continue playing music and even landed a job as a recording engineer at a small studio here in Oklahoma, while still using and dealing crank. That finally came to a halt upon being sentenced to a short stay in Oklahoma Department of Corrections.  While in Tulsa County Jail I went to a chapel service, and later that night I made a proverbial "deal with God" telling Him that if He would prove Himself real to me during my two year incarceration, I would give my life to Him fully. He wasted no time in making Himself real – and today, I'm totally sold out to Christ.  The blessings continued as God allowed me to cross paths with Broken Yokes.  God has blessed this band with an anointing that still blows me away.  I’ve always loved to play bass, but playing for Christ with this band is AMAZING."
Steve Hambrick
“Let me first say how pleased and honored I am to be a part of this group, Broken Yokes.  Every member puts the love of God and the anointing ahead of his own desires.  This alone creates an atmosphere when we play, wherein the Lord can reach people and minister to their needs.  My sister, Sheila and I both had great training with our parents, who both served the Lord thru music ministry for 35+ years.  What a wonderful life to be in the place I really feel I’m supposed to be, doing the thing I’m supposed to do, and to have experienced this exact and satisfying feeling for most of my life.  Again, I’m honored.” 

MUSIC is our passion.

FREEDOM in CHRIST is our mission.

Our desire is to share both of these with you ...

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